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About Us

By design, Ajala.ng’s purpose is to prepare you, and go along with you, on transformational adventures until you make it! Beyond getting you to your preferred destination, we’ll get you a place to lay your head at night, locate the best spots for your culinary delight and find the places of your dreams. We are poised to eradicate all possible complications in your way by handling every detail so that you’re wholly immersed in the things that inspire you.

We will get you the most favorable (and we must add, affordable) local and international travel, cruise and hotel rates, and provide you limitless customer support. None to be found elsewhere. This is a promise

We can also help you with Visa processing assistance, Tour guidance, Travel financing (Ajala Pay Easy) and Group travel packages. More so, we easily handle Destination events for our customers and also help with planning corporate meetings anywhere in the World!

We want to share in your delight as you discover various compartments of the world per time. We'll do the elbow grease on your behalf, you’ll just go out there, feed your wanderlust and experience the reinforcement and rhapsody that travel brings. Take that journey. Satisfy your curiosity


Be the best in creating superior and seamless travel experience.


To remove all possible complications in travel; with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectation